Flying Objects Design Studio | Mercedes-Benz IVY Concept
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Mercedes-Benz IVY Concept

Autonomous City Bus

Mercedes-Benz IVY Concept

Autonomous city bus concept for the year 2025.


IVY’s concept was based on the idea of creating a natural-likem stress-free environment in the middle of the cities. The IVY has windows all-around to minimize the claustrophobic feelings in commuting. Being an autonomous vehicle there is no need for a driver’s cabin, the whole floorplan is available for the passengers. As public transportation is the most sustainable way of travel, this bus embodies the humanistic approach of electric vehicles.


About the features of the concept bus: There are no usual doors on the IVY. It’s only one lamella system all the way through the side of the bus. This system allows faster fluctuation and easier access for the passengers. The handrails are like trees touching the roof with their branches. The natural forms contrast the geometric frame balancing the whole structure. The transparent surfaces have multiple electrochromatic layers. The technology is called Smart Glass and used in many ways nowadays. It can shade the interior and give the passengers the atmosphere of a shady arbour while keeping it transparent to have a nice view on the city.


The project was sponsored by EvoBus Design and Daimler AG. and supported by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. With the IVY András Húnfalvi won the Rector’s Special Award of the university’s 2012 graduation session. The Project was exhibited on the Hungarian Design Award’s exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.


Designer: András Húnfalvi


Consultants: Mathias Lenz, Vincent Thess (Mercedes-Benz Design)


Supervisor: Prof. József Scherer (MOME)


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