Leolux ENG

Designer: Ferenc Laufer

With this concept the Dutch Luxury brand – Leolux – opened towards young costumers. This sofa is a convertible, space saving, yet spectacular piece of furniture. The aim of the project was to create a high quality, affordable sofa with a distinguished character. It was the first convertible furniture of the brand, they opted for a completely new operation system. Unhook the backrest it can be opened. The two “wings” work as adjustable, armrests as well,ensure comfortable relaxation.

The strong Scandinavian design influence is reflected in the shape and high quality of the materials used, as well as fully compliant with the agreed target audience. This was a diploma project and was made into a 1:1 scale working prototype. The project was realised with the help of Leolux. Consultant: Henk Jegers, Jet Dircks Supervisor: Balázs Püspök