Designer: András Húnfalvi, Ferenc Laufer

Design and interface design for Hand-in-Scan, hand hygiene control system Hand-in-scan is a Hungarian medical technology innovation and its necessity was proven by sad statistics. Even in the developed countries thousands of people die from getting infected during medical treatments caused by lack of proper hand sanitization. Hand-in-Scan uses ultraviolet light, digital imaging and artificial intelligence software methods to distinguish sanitized versus infected areas after hand washing. It helps to ensure perfect hand hygiene through objective, personalized assessment. These functions make Hand-in-Scan a unique tool for effective control and education of hand hygiene, targeting a wide group of people in various domains from medical organisations to food industry.

Hand-in-Scan’s wall-mounted design is sculpted by the aesthetics of simplicity and functionality. As a health tech product Hand-in-Scan has to comply with hygiene and usability standards, thus the device must be easy to clean and robust enough to take thousands of scans every day. With the first prototypes Hand-in-Scan was tested with more than fifteen thousands medical workers successfully. Red Dot Design Award winner in 2015.